Write a well-developed paragraph that reflects on a theme from the premature burial

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The theme is developed throuout the story when Poe uses examples of Premature burial. he uses these examples to tell the reader of how bad it is to be buried before death. a. "That the ghastly extremes of agony are endured by men, the unit, and never by man the mass fort this let as thank a merciful God.".

Part B: In a well-developed paragraph compare Poe’s theme in “The Premature Burial,” to some-thing you’ve experienced, observed, or read about. Be sure to use specifics noted in your reading journal and in your response%(11).

· Italian Renaissance architects based their theories and practices on classical Roman examples. The Renaissance revival of classical Rome was as important in architecture as it was in literature. A pilgrimage to Rome to study the ancient buildings and ruins, especially the Colosseum and Pantheon, was unavocenorthernalabama.com Understanding by Design, Expanded 2nd Edition.

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Search. His own premature burial. D) The death of a beautiful woman. D. In the Langston Hughes poem "Theme for English B," the speaker directly addresses A) an employer B) .

Write a well-developed paragraph that reflects on a theme from the premature burial
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The Top 10 Elements of Setting In a Story